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Marine Fish 

We hope you enjoy browsing our marine fish stock. All our fish are in stock, hand-selected and looked after extensively during their time with us. We ensure our fish are feeding well before selecting them for sale. Every Friday we will update our latest marine fish arrivals, so check in and see what’s new.

If you’re after a special fish that we don’t currently have in stock, just let us know, with new stock arriving every week, we can source it for you. If you need to know anything about our stock just ask a member of staff, by instant chat, email or phone. Select which species you wish to view by clicking the tabs above, or view all of our stock below.

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Marine Fish FAQs

Is it OK to buy marine fish online?

We believe it’s fine for Marine Fish to be shipped, fish stores have their fish shipped to them also so it doesn’t make a difference whether buying online or at a store. Your fish will have been shipped at some point. We want our quality livestock to be delivered in the best condition. We use high-quality poly boxes and heat packs. We ensure the bags are filled with pure oxygen and double-bagged. We also use a reliable 24-hour licensed courier.

For Information on Buying Or Keeping Marine Fish, Contact Delta Aquarium Here 

What do I need to know about keeping marine fish?

What Size Aquarium?
Firstly think about where you will be keeping your tank, as Marine Fish will need a larger tank than Tropical Fish require. Secondly, how many corals and Fish do you wish to house within your aquarium? Then purchase the largest you can store and afford within your price range.

Deciding what fish to keep?
The number one favourite Marine fish has to be the Clownfish, with its beautiful appearance and ease to keep, it’s top of the list. Goby fish is also a great beginner as it has a peaceful, easy-to-care-for character with striking colours and is fairly inexpensive.

Maintaining your aquarium?
You should clean your tank every week. Cleaning and checking your filters weekly. Change your aquarium water at least once a month with a small 10% water change weekly will help remove any build-up of waste. Siphon your substrate and clean the glass, this will keep your tank nice and clean for your fish.

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What other equipment do you advise for keeping marine fish?
The equipment you will need when it comes to caring for Marine fish includes:

A suitable fish tank

Aquarium lighting

Substrates and aquarium plants to help create a healthy ecosystem

A filter system to keep your water clean and clear

An aquarium heater

A thermometer to keep to check the temperature stable

Aquarium test kits to check pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels

Cleaning tools

How often should I feed my marine fish?

Most marine fish require feeding once a day, but you can make their day more interesting by giving them two to three smaller feeding times a day. Most fish will graze on smaller quantities of food throughout the day.

If you are looking for top quality Marine Fish for sale in the UK, Delta Aquarium has you covered, if you need any advice please give us a call!