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Ciano Aqua Hex 30 LED Black

The Ciano Aqua Hex 30 LED in black offers a beautiful finished design with clean lines and an ultra-contemporary feel. The aquarium holds up to 25 litres of water and is the ideal starter tank for children and adults alike.

The kit contains bright LED illumination yet with low running energy costs, plus a convenient hinged hood to allow ease of access into the tank for cleaning, maintenance and aquascaping uses.

The Ciano Aqua 30 LED is finished in a sleek and sophisticated black aesthetic which suits both modern and traditional interior home styles. Fitted with a high performance CF40 Internal Filter, the Ciano Aqua 30 half hexagon-shaped aquarium delivers high water clarity results by removing all organic decaying matter, excess food and free-floating harmful chemicals.

The 30 litre aquarium also comes equipped with additional parts such as: 1 x LED lighting system 12V - 1,5W, 1 x LED Converter system 12V, 1 x Dose WATER CLEAR “S”, 1 x FOAM “S” and1 x Installation Guide.

A heater is required if you plan on keeping Tropical Fish. We have a range of heaters available at Delta Aquarium.

The sophisticated aquarium offers all that first time aquarium hobbyists or those looking for a small and discreet tank to fit in with home furnishings, the perfect selection of high grade materials and cutting edge equipment for successful reef keeping and coral growth.


Size: 25 litres

Finish: Black

Easy to use

Versatile yet contemporary aesthetic

Bright LED illumination

Low energy consumption for extra safety

High performance filtration system

High water clarity results courtesy of its highly professional filter

Half hexagonal shape

Includes: 1 x LED lighting system 12V - 1,5W, 1 x LED Converter system 12V, 1 x Dose WATER CLEAR “S”, 1 x FOAM “S” and1 x Installation Guide.

Dimensions: L40cm x W20cm x H45cm

4mm glass thickness

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