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ITC Reefculture Reef Delete


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Reef Delete is the ultimate reefing tool for pest and aquarium maintenance – Whether its destroying Aiptasia, Algaes or Flatworms – Reef Delete does it all and more thanks to its powerful UV-C beam.

The unique, proprietary wavelength destroys the DNA within a target organisms cells causing the cell function to stop and ultimately the pest shuts down and naturally decays without return. All that’s needed is a single long / multiple short daily exposures to cause devastating damage to the target organism.

This is achieved without using any chemicals or causing accidental damage to other aquarium inhabitants. Unlike chemical treatments, you cannot overdose Reef Delete on a target specimen. The more exposure given, the faster the organism will break down – and you can do it to as many as you like without fear of causing damage to your water chemistry! Get trigger happy!

Furthermore, if any similarities were to be drawn with lasers.. it acts in a completely different way to a ‘burning’ laser and is inherently safer due to no reflection and in-tank use. UV-C ensures the pest breaks down thanks to DNA damage which causes cataclysmic internal cell damage rather than burn off/cut off by the laser which can be easily repaired whereas the DNA damage cannot. See more below on maximising efficiency. The other huge plus is being able to use it inside the aquarium to ensures great angles of attack vs the limited “safe” angles via laser too!

The Reef Delete uses extremely high-quality custom-made ultra narrow beam optics on its LED including a silica quartz outer lens – all UV-C grade for ultimate transmission. This has all been built within a dive-proof quality CNC Aluminium enclosure and is rated IP68. The special optics are what helps Reef Delete punch the UV-C deep into the target organism.

To make Reef Delete safe to use, a built-in safety feature to protect accidental activation outside of the aquarium, protecting the user and accidental activation by users who shouldn’t get their hands on it, such as our kids! Reef Delete cannot be activated out of water and shuts down if removed from being under way if the power button is held down.

Reef Delete works on all pests inc. Aiptasia, Mojano, invasive Xenia, Zoanthids, Cyanobacteria, Algaes, Flatworms etc to name a few and any other soft tissued organisms that can be annoying in the reef tank – not to mention bacteria and it’s ability to sterilise any surface in the aquarium!

Reef Delete is the ultimate touch up pen, to get rid of a pest, coral disease or to cleanse an area of nuisance algae or bacteria. Prep new frag plugs, clean up coral bases.. It’s a tool for life.

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