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Common & Latin Name: Tiger Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus bellulus)
Care level: Easy
Max Size: 6cm
Reef Compatibility: Yes
Diet: Omnivore
Temp: 25°C
PH: 8.2-8.3
Origin: Western Indian Ocean
Approximate purchase size: 2-3cm
If you require any advice on keeping these, please contact us and speak to member of the team.
The tiger pistol shrimp (Alpheus bellulus) belongs to the family of snapping shrimp. The tiger pistol shrimp can grow to a size up to 4 to 5 cm, not including antennae. The body is stout and opaque. The background colour of the body is yellowish-white or plain yellow. The patterns drawn on the cephalothorax, abdomen and tail are irregular but symmetric, their colouration varies from light brown, brownish purple to brownish orange. The legs are banded with the same colours as the body and are covered with short bristles. The antennae are red. The chelipeds are also banded, with the right being bigger and modified into a powerful weapon. By closing at extreme speed, the cheliped expels an air bubble at more than 100 kilometres per hour (62 mph) towards the prey. This action is accompanied by a loud bang. This powerful sonic weapon creates a violent shock wave which can kill or knock out prey, which could be another shrimp or a small fish passing close to the tiger pistol shrimp. The sound emitted from the collapsing bubble can be up to 218 decibels, with a temperature of up to 4,800 degrees Celsius, slightly cooler than the surface of the Sun.

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