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Tropic Marin Reef Actif 60g


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Tropic Marin Reef Actif is a powder additive filled with nutritional bacteria, with marine biopolymers to enhance natural microbiological flora. Being made up of these predominantly marine origin substances it binds excess nutrients and other pollutants and causes them to be degraded by specialised marine microorganisms. This promotes natural marine microbiology within your aquarium which keeps your aquariums stable, healthy and the water clear.

Using Reef Actif activates microflora, this causes numerous vitamins and other vital substances to be added to the water in a natural way. Corals and bivalves open better and reveal all their rich colouring. Fish also benefit from the stable bacterial flora and the prebiotic effect. Reef Actif is part of the Tropic Marin Carbon Dosing system and should be used as the base line with NP-Bacto pellets or as a stand alone replacement to this.

Add one level measuring spoon of Tropic Marin® Reef Actif to 500 litres/132 US gallons of aquarium water each week. Stir the powder into a small amount of aquarium water and then add it to the aquarium to distribute it as finely as possible.

At a glance

Ensures constant water conditions between water changes

Serves as an absorbent and as a valuable bacterial nutrition

Binds nutrients and leads to conversion via bacteria and other organisms

Promoted pollution breakdown via binding

Slow degradation of excess nutrients without consuming oxygen

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